Where nature meets city. Unlocking hidden outdoor spaces in the city for social experiences. Find a favorite outdoor space of your own and be inspired.

Campsyte was created with a vision to build happier cities. Our cities have become less affordable and more fragmented, and Campsyte seeks to give people the sense of ownership and belonging, and together build happier cities. Campsyte offers affordable, convenient, and personalized outdoor space with the goal to be the world’s largest social space.

When you think of a campsite, you imagine a nostalgic experience spent amongst friends and family in the outdoors. We at Campsyte believe that this state of mind, often in leisure and travel, is also needed in our daily lives and accessible in our cities. Campsyte makes it easy to find, book and access unique outdoor space for social experiences. Whether planning an activity, team offsite, happy hour, birthday, or special occasion, make it an outing to be remembered.

Unlock unique outdoor space. Book inspirational outdoor venues for social experiences.


To become the world’s largest shared social space.


To give people the sense of ownership and belonging, and together build happier cities.

Why Campsyte

Outdoor space to call your own

Easy access to outdoor space

Easy online booking, unlock doors with your smartphone, access amenities, and enjoy the outdoors in the heart of the city.

Great for group activities

Outdoor space is ideal for group activities, yet are expensive to maintain and are a luxury in cities. So why not share a backyard when you need it.

Like your own backyard

A backyard to call your own without all the hassles. Access unique outdoor spaces that set the scene for your next memorable outing.

Find your happiness potential

Be Happy

Nature brings out the good in us, by reducing stress and increasing trust.


Access unique outdoor spaces anywhere and book with ease.


Design that enhances the user experience.


Recharge yourself. Access hidden outdoor spaces for social experiences.


Outdoor spaces prompt social interactions and strengthen communities.


Amenities takes the hassle out of owning your own backyard.